“Working with Zaina has been one of the most life-changing experiences ever.”
– Ingrid Dawna Hyacinth
CEO – Ecocreationz

Working with Zaina has been and is continuing to be one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. She has helped me improve myself in ways I never imagined and showed me the way to success through the development of my speech, mindset, work ethic, and dress. She is passionate with a gentle spirit, always willing to help others improve their lives and succeed at whatever they aspire towards. Having come from a humble background and being a mother of three at a very young age, I never saw myself being the woman and entrepreneur I am today had it not been for her guidance. She first helped me curate a mindset towards growth then pointed me in the direction needed for achieving what I once could not even dream of. Her mindset coaching and mastermind sessions have had a major impact on my life. She took me from unemployed with little hope to starting two businesses for which I am most grateful for. I truly believe she has a gift and I am excited not only for my journey but for hers.